Prof. Corien Pompe (NL)

Founder and Chairman of Donna-e-Mobile – a global network of automotive woman designers. Founder of MoveAward – the platform for young talent to get in contact with the industry. Boardmember of the Cuypers Foundation (preservation of heritage)

Elders & Mentors
Dr. Don Pak (China)

Dr. Don Pak is an international educator and strategist specialists, based in China and specializes in emerging markets, with specific interests in the BRICS. He holds a DBA and two MBA’s and lectures in Corporate Strategy, Management, Business in Asia Pacific Region, Marketing....

Elders & Mentors
Prof. James Wallace (UK)

Prof. James Wallace is Senior Lecturer in Research Methods, Enterprise and Ethics. Until recently, he was Director of the PhD Programme in the School of Management, University of Bradford, UK and a member of the doctoral training consortium.

Elders & Mentors
Prof. Saied Sadri (USA)

Prof. Saeid Sadri is Director of Development at Novin Construction, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia. From 2012 to 2015 he was Professor and Head of Civil Engineering Department at School of Engineering, Nazarbayev University.

Elders & Mentors
Prof. BANIASSAD, Essy (UK)

Essy Baniassad is currently Adjunct Professor in the School of Architecture of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He served as the third Chairman and Chair Professor of the then Department of Architecture from 2000 to 2006.

Elders & Mentors
Prof. Nelarine Cornelius (UK)

Nelarine Cornelius is Professor in Organizations Studies at Queen Mary, University of London. She was previously Professor of HRM and Organisation Studies and HRM, Associate Dean, Research and Director, Bradford Centre for Business in Society at the University of Bradford.

Elders & Mentors
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Prof. Cameron A. Batmanghlich (Ph.D., M.Sc., PGCHEP)

Founder / President – EDSA

“I take a great amount of pleasure in introducing a weeklong program, Eurasian Doctoral Student Academy (EDSA), which is aimed at further providing a specialized training concerning various aspects of conducting studies and research at the doctoral level.”

Doctoral studies, encompassing both Ph.D. and DBA, are ever more important in lieu of inflated academic degrees for both researchers and practitioners.  Hence, ensuring a high quality of the thesis in compliance with sound scientific methods is vital.  This is particularly the case where there exist differences in the way post-graduate studies are conducted in countries other than those of the Anglo-American academic traditions.

One of the main objectives of the Eurasian Doctoral Student Academy (EDSA) is to narrow these differences and work towards a cohesive standardized and universally accepted code and conduct of research. This goal facilitates further dissemination of scientific work, as they enjoy generally accepted research methods, in top tier journals and as monographs with reputable publishing houses.

EDSA offers a platform for the exchange of ideas and facilitates cooperation and networking amongst the candidates.

EDSA’s Team

Prof. Corien Pompe

Regional Director - Netherlands

Dr. Ebi Baniasadi

Liaison for the Middle East

Dr. Elie Chahwan (DBA)

Regional director - Lebanon

Prof. Adam Jagiello-Rusilowski (Ph.D.)

Regional Director – Poland

Dr. Qichao Wang

Regional director - South China

Dr. Lora Martsenuik

Regional Director – Ukraine

Dr. Regis Cabral

Regional Director - Sweden/Brazil

Prof. (Dr) Riyas S. Lebbe

Regional Director - Sri Lanka

Mr. Rommel Rojas

Regional Director - Bolivia

Prof. Laurence Lubowa

Regional Director - East Africa

Augustine e. Akhidime

Regional Director in the Edo State, in the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Mehrdad Ahmadian

Regional Director - Iran

Dr. Cristi SPULBAR

Regional Director - Romania

Prof. Dr. Srividya Nadindla

Regional Director in West Bengal, India

Dr. Behrang Samadi

Regional Director in Malaysia

Prof. Joseph G. Sapienza

Regional Director - Mongolia

Héctor González J. PhD

Regional Director in Spain

Prof. Jose Luis Abreu

Regional Director - Mexico

EDSA's Affiliated Organizations