Key Features & Benefits of EDSA

EDSA (held during one week) consists of five (5) working days and two days for cultural exploration and socializing / networking.

EDSA explores the latest and well-tested methods and approaches in conducting scientific studies in the context of writing dissertations towards obtaining a Doctoral Degree.

During the weeklong program, the participants receive individual consultations on their respective subjects by Distinguished Visiting Professors and Academic Consultants on an individual basis, as well as in panels.

The candidates provide the Professors and Consultants their work, problem areas they experience in their research and questions before arriving to EDSA.

The Professors and Consultants are also gateways to international network of academics and other institutions. The instructors will assist the candidates in their future careers, strengthening the candidates’ network, assisting and supporting the candidates to be able to publish in top tier international journals in their respective fields.

EDSA provides lectures, seminars and workshops—in an array of techniques and elements in the scientific method, academic writing and research methodology—are delivered by the Distinguished Visiting Professors and Academic Consultants.

To enhance the participants’ positive experience and maximize the benefits, EDSA organizes seminars on how to publish in high ranked international scientific journals, alongside with sessions for networking with the view of establishing collaborative research and academic mobility.

On a successful completion of EDSA and full attendance, the participants will have gained new knowledge and expertise.

The participants will be awarded a Certificate from partner universities and receive three (3) academic credits for their successful participation.

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