Program Content & Delivery

I. Content and delivery of seminars, workshops

The workshops, seminars and lectures are delivered in line with Student Centered Learning (SCL) teaching strategy, i.e., using student-engaged teaching techniques and methods such as role-plays, case studies and group discussions / debates.

The weeklong Bootcamp consists of:

  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Workshops  
  • One-to-one consultation
  • Review of research proposal / work in progress (one to one and in group)
  • Publications
  • Networking
  • Cultural exchange

EDSA’s distinguished professors from all over the world and different disciplines, hold Master Classes, Workshops, and lectures.  In addition, each participant is assigned to one of EDSA’s professors for one-to-one consultation, advise and mentoring during the entire week.

Participants will be offered the opportunity to publish part of their study in progress in one EDSA’s partner journals depending on their field of research.

 Examples of workshops, seminars, lectures, and sessions with mentors

  • Development of doctoral knowledge fundamentals 
  • Research Technology and Tools Day 
  • Sustainability, Social Impact & Engagement Day 
  • Methodological foundations
  • Work with matching mentors on methodologies, communication, and optimization of the dissertation process (mentors will be assigned to doctoral students individually, based on their area of expertise and research interests)
  • Development of key competence and skills required for rigorous research projects (writing skills, management of scientific data
  • Methodological approaches, technologies and data analysis tools necessary to contribute to academic projects
  • Providing knowledge on how to link academic research with sustainable and social impact
  • Assisting the participants in establishing connections with international research community 
  • Paving the path to publications
  • Evaluation and feedback

II. Program Outline

The weeklong program encompasses major elements of methodology and other important aspects of a quality Doctoral dissertation, working methods, pitfalls to be avoided along with many sessions for consultation and forging new partnerships with the view of collaborative research and academic mobility, in turn, enhancing the candidates’ global network. The program also includes cultural events during the evening and an excursion on the final day.  Beside the visiting professors, representatives from a major publishing house will also conduct a seminar on how to publish.  

Time for rest and informal socialization is reserved along with frequent coffee breaks.

Day 1: Arrival in Gdansk

Arrive and check in at the venue. Get to know the campus and city while settling in to start a week of exciting networking and exchange.

Day 2: Welcome and development of doctoral knowledge fundamentals

Get to know the EDSA community and embark into a series of sessions around the academic journey. Start developing your cross-cultural network and pursue first interactions with mentors.

Day 3: Methodological foundations 

Embrace the scientific method to further your research skills. Sessions will focus on various methodological approaches to set the foundations for a rigorous research project.

Day 4: Research Technology and Tools

Learn more about novel technologies that are impacting the academic and business world. Furthermore, sessions will focus on key data analysis tools applicable to your projects.

Day 5: Sustainability, Social Impact & Engagement

Sustainable and social impact are more important than ever. Sessions will foster discussions on how to link academic research with sustainable and social impact.

Day 6: The path to publications

Publications are integral during the academic journey during and after the doctoral studies. The day will focus on various perspectives associated with the publication process to make this endeavor a manageable practice.

Day 7: Evaluation and departure

Final sessions with mentors and recap of the weeklong learning process that serves as a catalyst for your upcoming academic journey.

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