Who are we

EDSA is a privately held entity, which operates in partnership with several universities around the world for the purpose of strengthening Doctoral Researchers’ work specifically, and all other academic endeavors in general within Social Sciences.

EDSA has an association and affiliation with several international organizations active in the realm of Higher Education as well commercial entities and NGOs and enjoys a large network of Distinguished Visiting Professors and Academic Consultants.

EDSA’s Mission is to ‘Harmonize’ the Scientific Method used and practiced across different scientific cultures which exists in various parts of the world as well as to encourage and assist young scientists and those who intend to embark on this path in their quest.

This Mission is materialized via organizing a series of workshops, lectures, discussion forums and individualized mentorship by Distinguished Visiting Professors and Academic Consultants as Auxiliary Supervisors for research methods, academic writing, critical literature review, critical thinking and discussions around statistical significance and etcetera. During the weeklong program, EDSA focuses on reviewing works by participating candidates, delivering lectures, workshops, and seminars.

Additionally, EDSA offers consulting services to other Higher Education Institutions in a number of key strategic development areas.

EDSA's Affiliated Organizations