EDSA’s Vision, Mission and Core values

Vision Statement

Eurasian Doctoral Student Academy (EDSA) strives to be the absolute top platform used by academicians to further scientific studies with a focus on harmonizing the scientific method towards a ‘Generally Accepted Scientific Method’ (GASM) within the realm of social sciences across various academic cultures around the globe with Eurasia as its departure point, assisting Post-Graduate Candidates, Graduate Students, Researchers and Scholars in their work, networking needs, cooperation and research collaboration.

Mission Statement

Eurasian Doctoral Student Academy (EDSA) had its mission in providing a plethora of platforms such as annual gatherings, conferences, symposiums, publishing platforms, networking forums, individual assistance in research, training programs via a cadre of senior international distinguished professors in partnership with universities around the world and academically oriented organizations as its support.

Core Values

Eurasian Doctoral Student Academy (EDSA) hold the following Core Values as its ethos, pathos and logos:

EDSA's Affiliated Organizations