EDSA’s Global representative

EDSA’s Representatives – Please see the list below

Dr. SWATI CHAKRABORTY is Assistant Professor of Human Rights in Schoolguru Eduserve Pvt Ltd.

She is an International Fellow of KAICIID at Vienna, Austria. She has done her PhD in Human Rights from University of Calcutta with UGF-NET and attached with National Human Rights Commission,India as a Research Consultant. Dr. Chakraborty is Director- International Relation and Campaign at Nonviolence Project Foundation. She is also a member of executive council at National Centre for Inclusive growth and Development Research (NCDR), Mysore. She had completed B.A (Hons. In Geography), M.A (in Human Rights) from University of Calcutta with 1st class.

Dr. Chakraborty had a good teaching expertise as Lecturer in The English College (School of Management), Calicut, Kerala. Also she is guest editor of some reputed journals and editor of books named “TRIBAL DEVELOPMENT”, “Gender Identity and Roles in India: Issues and Challenges”, “Multidisciplinary Handbook of Social Exclusion and And Human Rights” and “Handbook of International Relations: Issues of Human Rights and Foreign Policy Vol.I”.

She is Council Representative at The World Peace Committee in India. Dr. Chakraborty was one of a participant of “Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation” course in Thailand and also a young scholar in Inaugural Young Scholar’s Conference on “Asian Studies in a Globalized World” in Thailand and in “China-Asia Peace & Leadership Workshop:Economic Development, Regional Cooperation, and Conflict Transformation” in China.

She has taken part in various seminars, conferences and workshops at National and International level and published many articles in noted journal. She is associated with various NGOs and development agencies at worldwide.

For local representation of EDSA and assistance, please email Dr. Chakraborty at: dr.swati@edsaschool.com

Mr. Rommel Rojas represents EDSA in Bolivia in La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba.

He is a lecturer at ‘Universidad Privada Boliviana’ in Business Studies and a communication/marketing consultant.

For local representation of EDSA and assistance, please email Mr. Rojas at: info@edsaschool.com

Prof (Dr) Riyas Sulaima Lebbe  represents EDSA in Sri Lanka.

Prof (Dr) Riyas Sulaima Lebbe is a Management Consultant, Corporate Trainer and Independent Researcher in Human Rights and Peace Studies. He is an executive Director of the Centre for Peace Studies, Sri Lanka and the Universal Management Consultancy service. At present, being a Professor of Human Rights and Peace Studies of the British American University Africa and the Vice Chancellor for BAU Sri Lanka campus. Riyas is also serving as member of the council and the Management Committee of the BAU.

He is a former Member of the Council of the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka appointed by the University Grand Commission of Sri Lanka. He is specialized in Human Security, Conflict Prevention, Peace building, Human Rights , Gender Equality, Social & Economic Development, Natural Disaster Management, International Solidarity Network, Environment Protection, Project Management.

Riyas is a Chartered Human Resource Project Manager and Master Management Consultant who is successfully completed multibillion Dollar projects in world reputed companies.

He is a consultant and trainer for NGO management programs of the UN partner organizations. He is completed his MBA and DBA in Human Resource Management. Master of Science in International Relation at Girne American University –Cyprus.

EDSA is expanding its local and international representatives base almost on a daily basis. EDSA’s representatives are in charge of providing information locally, organizing events, and networking for EDSA. If you are interested in becoming a representative please contact:



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