Accommodation Dobrich

Accommodation in Dobrich

The dormitory consists of
apartments with three (3) bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. Each bedroom has two or three beds, desks for each guest and a bookshelf.

IMPORTANT: The dormitory provides all the facilities for your comfort such as pillow,  pillowcase, bedsheets and a blanket.   Rooms are equipped with fans or air conditions.

Each apartment has one kitchen and one bathroom which are shared by all the students living at the same apartment.

The bathroom consists of a sink, restroom and shower. The kitchen is equipped with a cooker, oven, sink and refrigerator.

There is Internet access in every room. The whole dormitory has a constant video surveillance and people who are not accommodated at the dormitory are not allowed to enter without permission. Smoking in the dormitory building is not allowed.

About the city of Dobrich

accommo  Upon your arrival, you will get a tour around the university and also around Dobrich. This will help you get familiar with the town and learn more about the places that you would need to visit on a daily basis.



We are delighted to host you as EDSA’s candidate in Varna and bid you welcome!


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