Accommodation Varna


About the campus

The Varna campus is the main campus at Varna University of Management. It is located near the city center of Varna, near to the main boulevard ’’Vladislav Varnenchik”.




Accommodation in the student dormitory in Varna

The Varna accommodation includes 12 rooms (with private or shared bathroom) – single, double and triple rooms for short and long-term residence. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, free internet access and a shared kitchen, common living room dining and recreation. Smoking in the dormitory building is not allowed.

The dormitory provides all the facilities for your comfort such as pillow, pillowcase, bedsheets and a blanket.   Rooms are equipped with fans or air conditions.

The bathroom consists of a sink, restroom and shower.


The kitchen is equipped with a cooker, oven, sink and refrigerator.


Life in Varna

There are plenty of activities and sightseeing which can be done in Varna.

A fascinating landmark on the center of Varna is the Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral.

Varna Archaeological Museum is among the most popular museums in Bulgaria. Its rich collection attracts many visitors both from Bulgaria and worldwide.

There are two mainly visited shopping malls in Varna – Grand Mall and Varna Mall. There visitors can go shopping, go to the movies, have coffee and spend their free time.

One of the symbols of Varna is the Sea Garden which is a great place to go for a walk and relax.

We are delighted to host you as EDSA’s candidate in Varna and bid you welcome!

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