For Higher Education Institutions

Many young Higher Education Institutions, aspiring excellence and expanding their academic mobility capabilities in all three directions, find it difficult to source and recruit professionals with desired managerial and leadership experience in formulating a winning strategy. Most of the education institutions lack the necessary network for expansion and forging new partnerships, starting joint academic programs and innovative curriculum / program design.


Eurasian Academic Clinic (EAC) provides these expertise and capabilities with high efficiency, highest professional quality and to a fraction of the cost of sourcing, recruiting and retaining a full time executive.


Our large pool of highly experienced and industrious higher education leaders and Professors—e.g. Deans, Program Directors, Research Directors Accreditation Officers, Curriculum Designers, Program Mangers, International Officers, International Recruiters, and etcetera—from all corners of the globe are ready to extend their knowledge, experiences and networks to help your institution evolve to the next stage.


By outsourcing these services, you ensure that your institution gets onboard the latest development in the Higher Education Industry, while drastically lowering costs associated with sourcing, recruiting and retaining of a fulltime professional.

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