Welcome to EDSA

I take a great amount of pleasure in introducing a weeklong program, Eurasian Doctoral Summer Academy (EDSA), which is aimed at further providing a specialized training concerning various aspects of conducting studies and research at the doctoral level.

Doctoral studies, encompassing both PhD and DBA, are ever more important in lieu of inflated academic degrees for both researchers and practitioners.  Hence, ensuring a high quality of the thesis in compliance with sound scientific method is vital. This is particularly the case where there exist differences in the way post-graduate studies are conducted in countries other than those of the Anglo-American academic traditions.

One of the main objectives of Eurasian Doctoral Summer Academy (EDSA) is to narrow these differences, and work towards a cohesive standardized and universally accepted code and conduct of research. This goal facilitates further dissemination of scientific work, as it enjoys generally accepted research methods, in top tier journals and as monographs with reputable publishing houses.

EDSA offers a platform for exchange of ideas and facilitates cooperation and networking amongst the candidates.

Welcome to EDSA

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